Big on the Big 5

Big on the Big 5

Big on the Big 5

30 September 2021 • About Us

A lot of people go on a bush trip for one reason and one reason only – the Big 5. And yes, there’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo. It’s likely the most appealing thing about a safari in Africa. So indeed people are big on the Big 5, there's no doubt about it. 


But the bush is more than the Big 5…


It’s secret pathways paved by the animal kingdom. It’s track-filled riverbeds and mountain ranges on the horizon. It’s the vast landscapes of trees, rock, shrubs, and grass. I could probably go on, heck, I could even write a poetry book with just the beauty of the bush as its subject (maybe I will do just that, but another time ;) for now here’s a sneaky one)


From the moment you arrive

Big 5 Big 5

Yet there’s much to see

on safari.

Some just prefer the coast.

It’s the little things we love most.


On the other side of the spectrum, some people are just not fans of the bush. When I first experienced the bush, I fell in love with it off the bat. I couldn’t understand why some of my closest friends said, “it’s just not for me” or “I’d rather have a beach holiday”. It’s not that they don’t appreciate nature. I truly think that some people don’t enjoy looking for animals for long periods of time. You can’t force anyone to love what you love, but anyone can enjoy the moment and that’s what I adore most about the bush. Every moment is different, from the still bush with nothing in sight to the hustle at a dam on a hot day.


Big Expectations


The problem is that Big 5 comes with big expectations. My advice to anyone going to the bush, even if you’re a seasoned bush traveler, is to lower your expectations.


When you expect nothing – even nothing is something.


Enjoy the moments because they become memories. Still look out for the Big 5, because they sure are worth it. All I'm saying is they shouldn't make or break a trip to a game reserve. Just remember to create and look out for more of the little things here, there and all around...maybe you’ll find more to love.