Summer Vibrations

Summer Vibrations

Summer Vibrations

17 November 2022 • Inspired by the bush

Summer Vibrations - Half a year of bush life


Since we moved to Hoedspruit at the end of April 2022, I have been trying to write/blog about it. Although one of the key reasons for the move was to grow our business, I have found it difficult to write about. I tried pen and paper, numerous drafts and word docs, even a bit of meditation. Classic Writer’s Block. Something about today struck a cord with me. So here it goes…


I sit here, in my little office nook, overloo –


Sorry to interrupt myself, but as I am writing this, a Duiker (small deer/ type of antelope) ran past the house ­­for a mere moment. This kind of welcome interruption happens daily. I can’t help but enjoy it, every time. It’s a reminder that although we live and work here, we are amongst wildlife, in their space, and what a true privilege that is.


Now where was I?


I sit here, in my little office nook, overlooking the newly grown green trees, which seemed to transform overnight, after some days of much-anticipated rain. Their abundance of leaves brought the beginning vibrations of Summer along with them.


It is humbling to watch nature take its course and change from Winter, to Spring, to Summer. I’ve always enjoyed it, back in Johannesburg, ­– shoutout to the Jacaranda trees – however it is different here. Reflecting on the change we went through 7 months ago, uprooting our life in the city in exchange for a lifestyle of bush, bugs and dare I say, happiness.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s been tough. I don’t believe that happiness can be a constant in life, as business, creativity, marriage, friendship, family – each aspect comes with own set of stresses. Jesse and I have stressed, but we’ve stressed while being happier than ever. Why? Because we are living an adventure every day. We continue with our days and nights, while nature does what it does around us – or rather, us around it.


Two days ago, I got a legitimate fright, thinking I saw a snake slither into a tree right next to our drive way. Once safely inside, I peaked through the window and saw a medium-sized Monitor lizard appear, walking until it reached the wall of the house. “Phew” I said (I really did say that, lol)


Just yesterday, we had a Woodland Kingfisher in our ‘garden’. About 15 minutes later it was joined by another one, and we saw them again today. A mating pair of Kingfishers – so cool! I know, not everyone is as intrigued by birds as I am, but as other birders would agree, it is an amazing sight to see them, mating and calling for an extended period.


In the late afternoon, we were notified of Wild Dogs, spotted on the estate we live on! We drove to the area, and s’true’s bob, we saw them. The sun was setting and the light was perfect. Rare to see in any reserve, we couldn’t believe it.


Those are three examples, only the past 48 hours of experiences like that. We truly live in the wild, and I couldn’t be more grateful that life lead us here.


🗓 7 months

🌧 3 seasonal transformations

🪲100s of bugs to overcome (bravery levels have increased)

🚗 Over 25 thousand kms travelled

🐘 Many safaris booked, thank you for the support!


Thanks for reading.


We hope to continue to share our love of this with guests & clients from South Africa and around the world.


If you'd like to book a stay at a lodge, here on the wildlife estate we live on, please send us an enquiry. 😃