Why Just Reserves? Why Now?

Why Just Reserves? Why Now?

Why Just Reserves? Why Now?

11 May 2021 • About Us

About 8 months ago, to make up for all the time spent indoors, we decided to book a local road trip of our own. Lockdown restrictions were beginning to ease and we were very excited to get on the road again. We ended up, unknowingly, outside of a big 5 area, and we struggled to find exactly what we were looking for.

Thereafter, when winter was on its way out, we sat on our apartment balcony with, what was then, just an idea. Here we are, in May 2021, with winter once again making itself at home, with a fully integrated, instant booking website, for Africa’s greatest assets – reserves.

Why now?

Since many companies are still working from home, life in 2021 is demanding on us all. It’s taken a toll on everyone, in one way or another – financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. In these times, more than ever, we find ourselves craving getaways, holidays, time-off, watching the sunset and making memories with our loved ones.  

Why reserves?

Africa has so many incredible reserves (nature reserves, game reserves, parks, conservancy areas and wildlife protected areas) that people don’t even know about. There’s something for everyone’s taste and budget, from ultimate luxuries to the rustic adventures, from the Kruger to the coast.

And, why just reserves?

As a writer, I knew that the name would be crucial. It took a lot of pages in the notebook, but in the end, we went with a name that is exactly what it is. It’s just (the common adverb in English for exactly or precisely) a website for reserves. Additionally, another term for ‘making a booking’ is a reservation. Hence, Just Reserves.


"We can’t wait for you to discover more and return home with stories to tell. Here’s to the itineraries yet to be planned, experiences that lie ahead and the memories only Africa can give us." – Co-Founders, Devorah & Jesse 


We learned recently that there is no direct word for goodbye in Shangaan, and it really resonated with us. So instead of a concluding message we'll say to you,

Ita Vonama Sikuriwana, “Until we meet again”